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some stuff. from last night

i go to my blog front,

the only thing i see is juliek



mmmm done

Okay I reblogged. Is everyone calm now?

i dont give two shits whether or not you reblog my work.

what i care about is that you reposted it. somewhere in your mind you thought it was okay to just take it, less than 24 hours (if we want to be exact, 14 hours) after i posted it, right off my blog, and post it to your own. without any trace of credit, none, except the giant fucking link to my tumblr i put right on the middle of it. i just knew someone was going to do that. that’s why its right there, right in the middle. because i knew. someone like you was just bound to come along.

why? why do it? you want the attention? you deserve the attention more than the person who spent literal hours working on the piece of work? too good to support the artist of the picture you like by actually giving them the recognition they deserve?

this is the problem. this is where the problem is. you take some picture you like and you’re like “oh, its no big deal. i just wanted this picture on my blog”. it is a big fucking deal. do you know how hard it is for artists like me, to get recognition, attention, that we deserve? do you know how much harder it is when people like you take our works and repost them? do you know how hard it is for pixiv artists when you take their works and repost it? some of them even make tumblrs, and their fucking reposts get more attention than their original source posts. 

you just don’t get it. you don’t get that you’re hurting artists when you do this shit. your response on this post just gives me this attitude of “ugh, god, get off my ass, whatever, is everyone happy now? god!”. you just don’t care. what else do you do? trace? sell? make graphics? no? 

when an artist puts their work online it is a fucking PRIVILEGE for you to fucking see it. you are not obligated to their works and they aren’t free for you to just take and use however you like. they are owned by that artist. give them the respect they deserve. how’d you like if i just took your writing and posted it on my blog? no source, nothing. just gonna post it. but it doesn’t matter, right? i’m not disrespecting you, i’m not hurting you at all ^__^ right?


imm just so happy

imm just so happy

i sure have 60 ocs and i only draw one

Ahh! I understand now. The only thing I’ve paid attention to with these characters was the high school thing (I think? I really love it) so I don’t know what they do canonically. I’d go for the tanlines, it’s very interesting to see little details!

thanks!! i like the hs au a lot too. he has the same tattoo there too but i never draw it bc its a pain (he also doesn’t hide it)… he has one on his face in the original story that i haven’t drawn in a year either, lol. i don’t really talk much about the stories. i guess i feel weird. i like when i can show (ie thru comics, but i dont do them often), but i also get nervous that no one cares :’D

what if he had two sweaters like that except the sleeve was on a different side so he alternated each day

the left sleeve is to cover the tattoo so this wouldn’t work

he only goes without it in super hot weather… he gets rid of it after his jacket gets ruined (which is why i was thinking of the tanlines)

i was thinking about what would really happen if you really wore the same outfit every day…………

im on the fence about whether i want this canon