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My name is Lani this is my blog I draw pictures
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Hi, this blog isnt dead, just kindaaaaa inactive i guess, im soooo busy with sewing, SO much sewing. so much. i have like, idk. 4. 5 new things to post on my sewing blog soon, i just have to edit the photos. which involves plugging in my tablet, so i havent done it. but yeah

anyways, idk, should i like.. post some old stuff on here while im busy? im not sure i have much so it would be like.. OLD… OLD STUFF…i guess i could do character comparisons or something. idk. but, i feel like i should post something, since i have lost like.. 70 followers, due to inactivity, LOL. so, let me know if you care. any newer drawings i post will be either 1) commissions 2) doodles 3) collab things i signed up to do (ugh)

collab commission for mesokari
lines/sketch- laniblob, colors- leedalangin <- she banned herself from tumblr so i’m uploading. hi

collab commission for mesokari

lines/sketch- laniblob, colors- leedalangin <- she banned herself from tumblr so i’m uploading. hi

Gumi Collab 2014

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Gumi twitter/tumblr collab! This is a project where tons of artists come together and illustrate Gumi in her many PV outfits.  Artists of all career paths and talents are welcome! If you like to draw, we would love to see your entry.


Here are the general rules.

*One entry per person

*If you drop your entry, you may not claim another spot




Image requirements:

*Full body

*Minimum of 500x500px

*Full color

*White or transparent background






Contact information

to claim a spot, please send an email to Cafechan at, or an @ to @lanimani on twitter! Spots are awarded via first come first serve, so please make sure you have a few songs in mind. If you send an email please make sure to include your twitter or tumblr username. Please do NOT send us messages via tumblr, they will be ignored (the message system is extremely messy and messages are frequently lost)



If there is a song you’d like that isn’t on this list, please contact us! We’d like to stay away from Gumi’s default outfit but there may be some exceptions. Also, if you have any suggestions, please send them our way.

*for ten-faced, we decided not to include this 10 times to avoid clutter— it’s your decision on how you’d like to illustrate this (focusing on the main gumi, or putting all 10 alter egos into one image, are both fine)        


Please use the tag #megucollab on both tumblr and twitter for tagging posts! The deadline for entries is April 30, 2014. Please have all entries in by this date or they may not make it into the collab!

twitterとかtumblrに提出を投稿すれば、#megucollabのタグを使って下さい。 締め切りは4月30日

available songs are under the cut! 空席曲は続きの下

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im posting this because if i dont i won&#8217;t stop drawing all of them

im posting this because if i dont i won’t stop drawing all of them

since i haven&#8217;t been drawing for at least a month&#8230; i&#8217;m trying to get back into it slowly, so&#8230; sorry i&#8217;ve been posting boring things.

since i haven’t been drawing for at least a month… i’m trying to get back into it slowly, so… sorry i’ve been posting boring things.



mirajane-is-life sent: May I ask what's the deadline for the Gumi thing? I'm interested if my art is okay c:

we haven’t decided yet, but it will probably be around 1-1.5 months from when we post it, since i know a lot of people can be really busy (myself included)

hatzer sent: what songs are gathered?

well— if we go thru with this i’d like to note that we would mention on the post that if the song you’re looking for isn’t on the list, you’re free to add it (if it includes an outfit that isn’t gumi’s default/append) <: 

edit: adding the list now, hold on (i need to edit the post to do this bc my ask box is messed up)

if you have any to add, please feel free to let me know

hi are there any vocaloid fans around?? my friend and i are organizing a big gumi tumblr/twitter collabo and we are trying to gauge interest. so far we have only gotten two (maybe three) ppl besides ourselves interested and are currently gathering songs (we are at 34 atm) so uhhh

pls let me know if you’re interested in this sort of thing :»> (basically if you are confused it is a bunch of different artists illustrating (in this case,) a ton of different gumis in her different PV outfits and then we stick it together in a big image)

edit: just to clear up any possible insecurities, any and all artists are welcome! no matter where you are in your artistic career we’d love to see you participate <: